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Cannes Film Festival where Baz Luhrmann’s biopic Elvis One of the most anticipated entries, its content, Elvis Presley has another direct connection to this year’s fest. Her granddaughter, Riley Kiof, is making her directorial debut with the election of Ann Sarten Regard, War ponies Today is its world premiere. The film focuses on the ages of two young Native Americans to set a story on the South Dakota Pine Ridge Reservation. This is a position that Chloe Zhao (Waking up) In recent years, and now Keoff and his co-director Gina Gammel have drawn attention to telling an authentic and unique contemporary story of Native American youth that was first brought to life by an impressive group of actors, most local directors wanted to make it as fresh and realistic as possible. Cast. They have succeeded.


Hollywood has not always been kind to the actual portrayal of American Indians in movies, often adopting stereotypes. In fact, Kioff’s grandfather Elvis even made an unfortunate film towards the end of his film career in 1968 where he starred in what was described as a mixed American Indian named Joe Lightfoot, the kind of casting that would not pass today’s test. Fortunately, this under-served population is gaining more respect, albeit gradually in film and ambitious indie War ponies A steady leap forward for indigenous peoples that feels vibrant, and even promising, as it focuses on a low-income area where residents are striving for a better life and a future gain, even in the face of adversity. In many ways War ponies Actually close Red Rocket Than Dance with the wolves Takes Native Americans into the history of filmmaking.

Really this is especially the story of two young men, the lively and good-natured 23-year-old Bill (Jojo Baptist Whiting), an Oglala Lakota local who conceived a few “baby mama” along the way, trying to be a decent dad if not quite successful, and Bringing up the idea of ​​breeding poodles for a living, the idea spread when he adopted his faithful poodle beast, a welcome cast member himself. Struggling, and in need of some cash, he meets Tim (Spraze Hollander), the owner of a turkey farm, who uses him to pick up young native girls, a sex trafficking plan by some other name, for his own pleasure from this bill to the boss. Working in a factory on a property while doing dirty work, even attending a Halloween party at the man’s impressive home is a job that is an evening that is not so good.

In a parallel story we follow 12-year-old Matthew (Ladenian Crazy Thunder) and his friends as he fights less than a typical family situation, basically leaving his father on his own device which is becoming increasingly dangerous for the young boy.

Screenplay by Bill Reddy and Frank Sioux Bob, two additional cuefs were seen on the set of the film. American loss Where he co-starred, based on real events and situations that they had lived or observed in Pine Ridge. A creative partnership developed when they told Kioff these stories, and the long seven-year process of getting a script and financing finally paid off. War ponies More of a character than a plot-driven character, a series of snapshots of the lives of the people who lived there, but primarily by connecting us to these two young Native Americans before actually finding a way to bring them together.

In a way, the picture reminded me of style American honey, And as a director, Keough and Gammell seem to have adopted the somewhat stingy strategy of Andrea Arnold, the director of that movie. There aren’t too many female directors to get the spotlight on this year’s Cannes, so it’s a pleasure to see the pair with such a successful project on Anne Sarten Regard, as well as Sayla Davis and Anna Rose Holmer, who made the team compulsory. God’s creation Which is a Directors Fortnight entry.

War ponies There’s a naturalness that needs to be admired, and it comes from places of the heart that want to make a movie that scheduled first-timers might be able to achieve. This, of course, applies to the overall casting, not just Whiting and Crazy Thunder, but a terrific team who are, for the most part, brand new to the camera. In addition to the big cast, Jesse Small, Wilma Colehoff, Iona Red Bear, Woodrow Lone Elk, Ta-Yamani Long Black Cat, Jeremy Corbyn Cotier, Steven Yellow Hawk, Manuel Garcia, Xavier Big Crow, Angelique Aurora, Jessica Cuer, Wasose Garcia, Ezekiel Pourier, Ashley Shelton, Stanley Good Voice Elk, and Sioux Bob himself. They all deserve a scream to realize that they have been doing this for a long time when in fact they did not. The same goes for Keough and Gammell.

Protagonist Pictures is managing the sales of the film which is looking for distribution.

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