Rithy Panh TikTok explained the exit of the jury chief for the competition – the deadline

The 2022 Cannes Film Festival kicks off amid concerns over freedom of the press. Now the jury has concerns about independence.

Renowned arthouse filmmaker Rithi Panh resigned from the role of jury chair for the festival’s inaugural TikTok short film competition two days ago, citing “endless disagreement over the independence and sovereignty of the jury.”

In an interview with French Publications ObsThe filmmaker further explained his decision by quoting Pressure on jury selection from European team of Chinese-owned social networks.

“The problem is that TikTok is a marketing-centric company and producers fail to understand their independence.They keep asking me for a report on our progress, even though we haven’t seen each other, “he said.

The filmmakers added that the platform provided a lot of “suggestions” as to who should win the award, often in favor of the largest productions made by well-established producers and for minimal political work.

“It’s not a question of condemning creation, all of which were interesting, just the big professional team with the big way, 20 extras and a director of photography and the message to choose between the little guy who portrayed his friends with great poetry and promise, I I think we should reward the second picture.

He concluded: “I had no choice but to resign. A contest with a jury must spread with complete freedom of choice. I’m sorry it didn’t happen. “

TikTok has become the official partner of Kan this year. The short film competition was an important part of the collaboration.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We reached out to Panh and Festival for comments. THR first reported on Panh’s resignation.

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