Robert Pattinson’s Bong Jun Ho-Movie in pre-production in UK – Deadline

Exclusive: Follow-up film by Oscar winner Bong Jun-ho Parasites Currently in pre-production at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden.

Robert Pattinson, coming BatmanShe is set to star in the anticipated sci-fi film, which will begin shooting this summer.

Also joining us are Tony Colette, Mark Raffaello and Naomi Aki, as we revealed last week.

The untitled film is based on the novel Mickey 7 By Edward Ashton. Bong is writing, directing and producing for his production company Offscreen, as part of a final overall deal with Warner Bros. with Doe Choi of Kate Street Picture Company and Daddy Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner of Plan B.

The project reunites Bong and Choi with Brad Pitt’s Plan B after their collaboration on the director’s 2017 film. Okza.

The novel, which was published in February, follows Mickey7, an expandable: A disposable employee in a human expedition sent to colonize the ice world Nifelheim. Whenever there is a mission that is very dangerous – even suicidal – the crew goes back to Mickey. After a recurring death, a new body is resurrected, leaving most of his memory intact. After six deaths, Mickey 7 could understand the terms of his contract … and why it was the only colonial position that was incomplete when he accepted it.

As we reported last week, the film will be inspired by the book but there may be deviations.

This is Bong’s first project since winning the Can Palme d’Or Parasites The Oscars took the world by storm and broke box office records. Filmmakers are also working Parasites Series on HBO.

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