Rossi de Palma in a suit with short shorts and other guests on the second day

Rossi de Palma in a suit with shorts and other guests on the second day of the Cannes Film Festival. The president of the jury at the Can Camera D’Or Special Awards is as captivating as the second day. However, Rossi was not the only one to light up the second day of the Cannes Film Festival.

The photocall was held by the jury on May 18, the special occasion of the 75th Cannes Film Festival. May 17 marked the start of one of the most anticipated events in the film industry – the 75th Cannes Film Festival. The first-rate stars gathered at the Cote d’Or to receive the alluring “Palme d’Or” chopard, which is exceptional this year – in honor of the anniversary, and out for a walk after spectacular costumes and jewelry. The list of the best celebrity looks on the red carpet in Cannes can be filled today – so responsibly, celebrities and their stylist teams attended the opening ceremony. Jury members riveted the attention of photographers this year. Jasmine Trinka and Numi Repes, during the first photo call, climbed the red carpet at Prada and Dior, respectively.

Rebecca Hall was dazzling in a red pink Gucci dress, while Deepika Padukone opted for a sabasachi sari. The main star of the day can safely be considered Rossi de Palma, who led the expert staff of the Golden Camera – the best debut feature film will be awarded. The Spanish actress confidently posed in a suit with Lola Cassademont’s short shorts for photographers.

Louis Vuitton co-stars with actress Jennifer Connelly and Tom Cruise in the movie “Top Song: Maverick”, which will premiere soon as part of the festival.
Actress Berenice Bezo, part of the Zombie Apocalypse Comedy Final Cut team, chose a delicious Valentino set in the shade of fresh grass for the Cannes afternoon show.

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