Rotterdam Festival Rivamp announces new programming team –

The International Film Festival Rotterdam has hired its new team lineup and structure as part of the festival’s restructuring.

Former IFFR programmer Stefan Borsos (South and Southeast Asia), Michelle Kerry (English-speaking region), Evgeny Gusatinsky (Central and Eastern Europe, Israel), Mercedes Martinez-Abarca (South and Central America), on the selection committee for features. Caribbean), Olaf Mলারller (German speaking region, Nordic countries, Cinema Reagan program), Laisse Nesenziumva (Sub-Saharan Africa), Olivier Pierre (French speaking region), and Daley Shirazi (Middle East, North Africa, Iran), Turkey ), Former shorts programmer Quinn de Ruiz (Netherlands, Flanders), and new recruits Rebecca Depas (Italy, Spain, Portugal), and Christina Ashenbrenerova (South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan).

The shorts program will be curated by a shorts selection committee consisting of Rebecca de Pass, Christina Kolozswari-Kiss, Lycee Nasenziumva, Ivan Ramaljack, Quinn de Ruiz and Leoni Woodfin.

The Rotterdam Dedicated Program “RTM”, which aims to encourage the development of Rotterdam film talent, became more central to our programming, and Ronnie Thiews led the way in events, talks and unleashed events throughout the year.

The scouts for the upcoming IFFR program are: Hiromi Aihara (Japan), Robert Gray (French-speaking region), Wu Juaren (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Ralph McKay (North America), Ivan Ramaljak (former Yugoslav country) and Suzanne. Santos Rodriguez (Latin America).

IFFR also welcomes Bianca Talke as Head of HBF, Inke Van Luke as Head of Pro, Charlie Vermeulen as Head of Program Operations, Alessia Akon as Manager Pro, Sara Zurich as Manager Talent. Other positions announced include: Barbara de Heer as Chief of Funding and Business Growth, Marij Stijkel as Head of Operations, and Ann Wabeke as Head of Communications.

Overall, a total of six permanent roles were made redundant across the organization as part of the restructuring.

Korrie Louwes, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, said: “We have appointed a new leadership in 2020, tasked with reviving and strengthening the IFFR’s position in the years to come. The two-year impact of COVID-19 has made this assignment even more urgent, and we are confident and excited about the changes that have been made for the future of this organization. “

Marjan van der Har, Managing Director, added: “We thank all the team members who have contributed to the rich legacy of IFFR. We were severely affected by the epidemic for two years, then we aligned our future plans and restructured the organization to create a sustainable financial future. “

The call to submit for the festival is now open.

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