Ruby Barker ‘Bridgeton’ star was admitted with mental health problems

Ruby Barker, a 25-year-old British actress and “Bridgeton” series star, was hospitalized with mental health problems. The Daily Mail reported.
“Now that I’m in the hospital, I’ll be released soon, and I hope I can continue my life,” said the artist who played Marina Thompson in the series. The girl said her condition was improving at the moment, but for a long time, she had experienced mental health problems that began during the filming of the project.

“I’m going to take a break for myself, and I’m encouraging others: if you’re struggling, do yourself a favor and take a break, stop being so hard on yourself.” Bridgeton The star tells fans.
Barker thanked the audience for their support and said he now knows his diagnosis, the details of which the artist chose not to reveal, only adding that he had long felt the effects of anger and “intergenerational trauma”.
“I can’t go on like this, I have to change, and that’s what I’m trying to do. I want to survive, and I will survive,” the actress concluded her video message.

Earlier on the set, British actress Charitra Chandran, a colleague of Ruby Barker, had spoken out against him for racial discrimination.
At the end of April, it was revealed that The Bridgesons’ second season had set a new record on Netflix.
The second season of The Bridgartons has set a new record for streaming viewers on the Netflix streaming service. This is reported by Variety.
New episodes of the show have surpassed the first season and have garnered more than 627 million views since March 25. As such, The Bridgetton has become the most popular English language series on the platform It has been renewed for two more seasons, and Netflix has confirmed that it plans to cover more stories from Julia Quinn’s novel in future episodes.

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