Russia bans Morgan Freeman, Rob Rainer senators

Because the Kremlin apparently has no other pressure problem at the moment, more than 960 Americans have been “permanently barred” from entering Russia. The list includes seemingly no-brainers like Joe Biden, Orange Harris and Hillary Clinton, but there is no shortage of eyebrow-raising names.

Mark Zuckerberg and John McClean directed and described a 2017 video about the Kremlin’s involvement in the 2016 US presidential election, respectively – Rob Rainer and Morgan Freeman will no longer be welcomed in Russia. A list of three dead senators needs to be compiled.

Everyone has been accused of spreading “Rusophobia”, a release that is drawing a welcome mat.

Donald Trump is significantly absent from sanctions.

Below is a translated version of the Kremlin statement that was published over the weekend; Russian language version here:

In response to the United States’ continued anti-Russian sanctions and requests regarding the personal structure of our national “stop list”, the Russian Foreign Ministry has released a list of American citizens who are permanently banned. Entered the Russian Federation.

We emphasize that hostile measures taken by Washington, which boomeranged against the United States, will continue to receive a fair reprimand. The Russian counter-sanctions are aimed at forcing the ruling American regime to recognize its new geopolitical realities, to change its behavior, and to impose a neo-colonial “rule-based world order” on the rest of the world.

Russia does not want conflict and is open to honest, mutually respectful dialogue, separating the American people, who are always respected by us, from the US authorities, who incite Rusophobia and who serve them. These people are on the Russian “black list”.

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