SAG-AFTRA Covid-19 Arrears Relief Program – Extended Deadline

SAG-AFTRA has again extended its arrears relief program for members facing financial difficulties related to Covid-19.

The union first began providing Covid-19 arrears relief in March 2020 in the first days of the epidemic. It still encourages members who can pay on time to “allow important services of the union, such as residue processing and negotiation and implementation of the agreement, to continue unhindered.”

May 2022 Deadline for requesting an extension for arrears is 9 June.

Approved members still have to pay half of their current May arrears bill by June 9 and the remaining half by September 1, in order to maintain a good position for the May 2022 arrears period, even if previous payments are not in arrears. No late fees will be assessed for the outstanding period of May 2022 and the Union states that “there will be no adverse effect on the eligibility of members to work during this period.”

SAG-AFTRA noted that union membership would automatically expire “when a member has not been in a good position for 18 months due to non-payment of arrears, assessments, fines or administrative fees. However, during the May 2022 arrears period, the Covid-19 Arrears Relief Extension Program allows for a minimum payment in two installments (June 9 and September 1) and where applicable, late fees are due until the November 2022 arrears period. Installments must not be available after 9 June and 12 September. An application fee and restoration fee must be paid for reinstatement upon completion so that the full, current starting fee does not exceed. “

Members who are considering running for the SAG-AFTRA office in the next election must meet the well-established requirements of the May arrears period to be nominated for election as National Officers, National Board Members or Local Board Members by ensuring payment of outstanding bills by May 2022. . Accept by the union after June 9, or request a Covid-19 arrears relief extension after June 9, and ensure that their first installment payment is not received after that date.

If the outstanding payment for the month of May is not received, and a timely request for arrears relief does not agree with the extension program, the eligibility to run for office will be affected. Failure to pay the arrears under the program will also affect a member’s ability to vote, nominate and participate in the referendum.

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