San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kepler misses national anthem – Deadline

This week’s mass shooting at a Texas school has prompted San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kepler to call for his own protest.

Before facing the Giants Reds in Cincinnati on Friday, Kepler said he would not take part in any national anthem on the field until he felt better about the direction of the country. He also wrote a blog post on his personal website expressing his feelings, entitled “House of the Brave?”

Kepler, described as “inconsistent” in an ESPN profile earlier this month, has taken a social stance in the past. He was part of a group of giants who got down on their knees during music in 2020. This time, he said, he would simply make himself unavailable while singing to avoid the impression that he was disrespecting the military or other aspects of American society. Represented by music ceremony.

His protests are not expected to be very visible, as the league’s main teams are not on the field for most of their games. However, that could change if the Giants play-off or coach Kepler’s mid-summer All-Star Game at baseball.

Ironically, Kepler’s protest to the national anthem came in the week that Action’s professional sports promoter, Colin Kepernick, received a quarterback tryout with the NFL’s Las Vegas Riders. Capernic fell to his knees in the 2016 season when he was playing for the San Francisco 49ers football team to protest racial injustice.

“We have not been given the courage, and we are not free,” Kepler wrote on his blog on Friday. “Police handcuffed a mother at the scene when she went inside and asked them to save her children. They blocked parents trying to mobilize parents to stop the gunman, including a father who learned that his daughter had been killed while arguing with police. We are not free when politicians decide that the lobbyist and gun industry is more important to our children than the freedom to go to school without bulletproof backpacks and active shooter drills. “

Kepler also reflected the shooting in his post while playing Metallica “Star-Spangled Banner” at Oracle Park on Wednesday.

“Every time I put my hand on my heart and take off my hat, I am only participating in the self-congratulatory praise of the country where these mass shootings took place. On Wednesday, I went to the field, I heard the announcement when we paid our respects to the victims. I bowed my head. I stood for the national anthem. Metallica is playing the City Connect guitar, “Kepler wrote.

Kepler said he felt his knees should bend, but decided against it.

“My brain told me to get down on my knees; My body did not hear, “Kepler continued. “I wanted to walk back inside; Instead I froze. I felt like a coward. I didn’t want to focus on myself. I did not want to take away from the victims or their families. There was a baseball game, a rock band, lights, pagentry. I knew thousands of people were using this game just to escape the horrors of the world for a little while. I knew that thousands more would not understand the gesture and would take it as a crime to the military, the elderly and themselves.

“But I am not right with the situation in this country. I hope I don’t let my discomfort compromise my honesty. I wish I could demonstrate what I learned from my father, that when you are dissatisfied with your country, you can express it through protest. It should be encouraged in the homes of the brave. “

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