Sarah Huckabee Sanders Wins GOP Nomination for Governor of Arkansas – Deadline

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a one-time Trump administration press secretary, is expected to win the Republican primary in the race to become the next governor of Arkansas, a position her father held from 1996-2007. The Associated Press said the early race for Sanders earlier this evening.

Hukabi Sanders took over the White House briefing room podium from Shawn Spicer in July 2017 and almost immediately established himself as an ardent defender of Trump and his policies. The White House Press Corps – the famous CNN’s Jim Acosta – and Democrats allege that his term was marked by occasional ugly clashes with the spread of lies.

Trump announced his departure in a complimentary 2019 tweet in which he added, “I hope he decides to run for governor of Arkansas – he’ll be great. Sarah, thank you for a good job!”

A few months later, he made his debut as a Fox News contributor to Fox & Friends.

He announced his candidacy for the post of GOP governor in January 2021, saying, “As governor, I will defend your right to be free from socialism and oppression, your Second Amendment to protect your family and your freedom of speech and religion. We need a leader in our state with the courage to do what is right, not politically correct or convenient. “

Sanders will not be the first former White House press secretary to seek election office. John F. After serving as press secretary to Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, Pierre Salinger was appointed to fill a vacancy in the U.S. Senate in 1964 but lost an election for a full term that year.

In November, he will face the winner of the Arkansas Democratic primary and Libertarian nominee Ricky Dale Harrington.

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