Sarah Jessica Parker admits she did not speak to Chris Knott after the allegations

Sarah Jessica Parker He acknowledged that he had not spoken to Chris Nath after the allegations of violence. The actress has not yet recovered from this scandal.

Recall that late last year, two girls who did not know each other immediately sued and made extensive comments to the Hollywood Reporter that Chris Knott had brutally raped them. The actor explicitly denied the allegations, arguing that everything was within the bounds of mutual agreement and decency. But like the courts, the people have sided with the victims. All the film studios canceled the contract with Chris and his wife Tara Wilson left the actor with their two sons.

It is symbolic that all this happened when the continuation of the legendary series “Sex and the City”, which was called “and so on”, was published. Of course, Chris played a role there, but according to the screenplay, he died in the first episode. Later, Sarah Jessica Parker, the actor in one of the lead roles, as well as the producer of the series, admitted that it was a coincidence, but she was even happier because after the allegations against Chris, the film studio had to be shut down. Out of all the other episodes he shot before the scandal.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sarah said that she was shocked by the news because Chris was always so nice and polite not only to everyone on the set with him, regardless of gender and age. The actress has not spoken to Nat after accusing him of sexual violence, even though he is still not ready for dialogue. Parker added that he did not want to raise the issue in principle, as it was too unpleasant. Instead, he recalled that the shooting of the second season is now underway “and just like that,” where there will be a lot of interesting things except Mr. Big (Sarah’s on-screen lover, played by Chris Knott).

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