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Sarah Wayne Kallis, James Saito, Tim Chiu, Freda Foh Shane and Felisha Terrell are the main characters in the ABC drama pilot. You run the companyStarring Milo Ventimiglia and Katherine Henna Kim from 20th Television.

The project, which is based on the Korean format My fellow citizens Which ran for over 30 episodes on KBS2, followed by Con Man Charlie (Ventimiglia) and secret CIA officer Emma (Kim). A night of passion leads to love between the couple, who are unknowingly on the verge of a professional clash. When Charlie ramps up the “family business” so that he can get out well, Emma stops the vindictive criminal who holds Charlie’s family’s debts in their hands – forcing them to count the lies so they can save themselves and their family from catastrophic consequences.

There is also William Fitchner.

Kallis will play Birdie, the older sister of Charlie’s boss and co-owner of the bar they run together, which also operates in front of their illicit family business. Promising with her own relationship stuff ফ Phoebe, Birdie is the single mother of an hearing-impaired daughter. An expert on all technicalities, Birdie is an integral member of his Griffiths family and despite his opposition to Charlie, he will not stop to keep them safe.

Saito plays Joseph aka Joe. This former governor is the ancestor of a political dynasty known as the Asian American Kennedy. His son, David, is a current senator who is currently running for re-election. Determined to cement his family’s legacy, Joe is throwing all his resources behind David’s campaign. A loving, if occasional, aspiring father, Joe has a complicated relationship with his daughter Emma.

Chew plays David, who is very close to Joseph’s son and his younger sister Emma, ​​who sees a side of David that a few others do. Strategic, measured and kind, David is the golden son of their family that carries the burden of carrying on his father’s impressive legacy. With a current senator vying for re-election, David has a sense of humor despite his campaign pressures and his family’s high expectations.

Shane is Grace, she is the wife of Joseph and the mother of Emma and David, can work in a house like someone else’s business and she is a fierce curator and defender of her family’s brand. Humble and elegant, Grace is a true diplomat in this high-profile family, especially when it comes to the strained relationship between her husband and daughter.

Terrell plays Daphne, mundane, ambitious and, when pushed, ruthless. Mysterious adviser to Irish mobster Brendan Maguire who quickly became the new head of the Maguire Crime Syndicate. Daphne finds herself at the center of Emma and Charlie’s professional conflict course.

You run the company
Produced and managed by Julia Cohen. Ventimiglia exec co-produced with Deanna Harris as producer with Russ Cundiff under its DiVide Pictures banner. Ben Younger manages the pilot and executive production.

The Walking Dead
And Colony Alumna Kallis recently starred on NBC Father’s Council. He has also starred in the Nat Geo Limited series Long Road Home And the half-hour comedy series has been repeated in Letter Kenny. He has also directed multiple series like ABC Good doctor, Netflix ‘ Firefly Lane, CBC Limited Series Unspeakable, And the colony. Kallis has been replaced by The Gersh Agency, More Medavoy Management and Sloane, Offer, Weber and Darn, LLP.

Saito will recently be seen in the Netflix movie Always Be My May and Hard love. H.Upcoming TV credits include Blockbuster for Netflix and Little America for Apple TV. He has previously played the regular Doctor Chen character in Greg Berlanti’s ABC drama Eli Stone. Film credits included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Life of Pi, Big EyesAnd When we are young. He is represented by SMS Talent and PH Entertainment Group.

Chiou is currently repeating the third season of the Apple TV series Truth be told In contrast to Octavia Spencer and Gabriel Union. He also repeated the second season of the Netflix comedy Aerospace, And appeared Seal Team, Silicon Valley, Zombie And Interrogation, Among others. He has been replaced by Realm Talent and replaced by Hansen, Jacobson, Taylor, Hoberman.

Recurs on Shane Fox 9-1-1, Which was just renewed for a sixth season. He repeated again Primary And guest-starring in the co-series Magnum PI, Fix And Grimm His film credits include Gore Verbinsky Lone guard And Dude, where’s my car? Mulan’s mother’s voice can be heard Fromn Movies. He is repp by Green Talent.

Terrell has repeated on ABC Queens, the Black Mafia family For Starz and CW DynastyAs well as Utopia, tell me a story And Shooter. Feature credits include the supporting role of David Fincher Face me Warner Bros. Be smart And independent features Look like. He was replaced by Gilbertson Entertainment, Innovative Artist and Alexander White Agency.

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