Saudi Arabia launches 40% cash rebate program for movies – Deadline

Saudi Arabia has taken another step towards becoming a film production hub by launching its long awaited 40% cash discount to boost the local economy.

Unveiling the Film Saudi initiative at the Cannes Saudi Pavilion, the Saudi Film Commission (SFC) said the program is now open to applications through a dedicated platform for filmmaking.

Productions that hire Saudi crew and talent up and down the line, featuring a diverse selection of landscapes in Saudi Arabia, featuring the culture, history and people of the Kingdom are eligible for up to 40% incentives, according to the interested website.

SFC says its movie industry is “now the fastest growing in the Middle East and provides a lucrative economic opportunity for international business”, with streamers attracted to “huge domestic markets and a wealth of talented new voices”.

Three Hollywood pictures, Roman Waher Kandahar, Rupert Watts Desert warrior And the Russo Brothers’ crime drama Cherry According to the SFC, eight local features and several documentaries have been shot in the last 18 months.

The country hosted the first edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival in Jeddah last December, opened by Joe Wright. Syrano And featuring a number of local films in the Red Sea competition.

There has been a lot of criticism from the film world about its participation in the festival, which has criticized the Saudi authorities for trying to divert international attention from the country’s weak human rights record in a vein similar to the “sports wash”.

SFC CEO Abdullah Al Yaf said: “The film industry is accelerating as we continue to invest in training our local crew and developing our infrastructure so that we are in a position to support all productions.

“Encouraging film production will enable us to harness the potential of our growing film industry, showcase our unique and breathtaking landscapes and attract a wide variety of productions across the state.”

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