Season 3 of The Mandalarian will premiere in February 2023; Kate Sackhoff returns

Season 3 of Disney + Mandalarian Debuting in February 2023, co-producers John Favreau and Dave Filoni said on stage during a panel of Star Wars celebrations in Anaheim on Thursday.

The EPs also brought Katie Sackhoff to the stage, saying that she was returning to the series in the lead role of Bo-Katan Crisis after playing the icon of Mandala in Season 2.

The Anaheim Convention Center room also features a teaser for Season 3.

Favreau and Dave Filoni worked on Season 3 during the epidemic, as the company revived other Star Wars series in its vicinity. Dumb Fate Book And OB-One Kenobi Which hit the streamer on Friday.

Set five years after 1983 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, The Mandalarian Star Pedro Pascal. The series has been nominated for 39 EMs, including Best Drama Series, and has won 14.

More details in the vicinity of Sackhoff will probably appear sometime Saturday Mandalarian– Focus panel headings by Favreau and Filoni as well as “Special Guests”. “Mando +: A Conversation with Jon Favreau & Dave Filoni.”

Fan-forward Star Wars Convention kicks off today Hayden Christensen and Evan McGregor are on stage to talk about the latest Disney + Star Wars series. OB-One Kenobi, Which will debut on the streamer tonight. The first two episodes will be shown to fans in Anaheim tonight before their Disney drop.

“We’re beginning to feel all your love for the prequels we’ve made,” McGregor told the entire House.

Lucasfilm used the event for its announcement The rogue one Prequel series Andar The first two episodes of 31st August starring Diego Luna will premiere

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