Selena Gomez, in a busy outfit with a shiny slit, admits she wants to

Selena Gomez, in a busy outfit with a shiny slit, admits she wanted to find a husband

Recently, Selena Gomez rarely attends special events – and this situation greatly annoys fans. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

On the show, Gomez jokes about his dating life in early ecology and mimics fellow celebrities like Miley Cyrus while skating. Once his hosting duties were over, it was time to celebrate after the party, where Gomez presented a gorgeous scene for his night in town. With a modern look on the classic LBD, Gomez made a case for a sexy high slit – and he certainly packed a cartoon.

So, on May 14, Selina was in the spotlight Live Saturday night At the end of the party. The star hosted the event for one evening, then the singer changed her outfit and came to the party in a black satin booster dress with a stunning thigh slit showing off the star’s slender legs.

The actress chose a stunning outfit that was guided by the logic of a real strategist. On the program’s broadcast, the girl admitted that she was looking for a loved one: “One of the reasons I’m glad to host SNL is because I’m not married, and I’ve heard that SNL is a great place to start a romantic relationship.”

“It was here that Emma Stone met her husband. Pete Davidson and machine gun Kelly both fell in love with the studio, and since I don’t really want to use dating apps, I want to share it here and say I’m looking for it – for my other half.” Selena frankly added.

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