HintAn interactive animated film from Swan song A VR project based on the voices of writer-directors Benjamin Cleary and Michael O’Connor and the voices of Taron Egerton and Lucy Boyton and the Oscar-winning climbing documentary Alex Hanland. Free singleCannes won the XR Program Award which is part of Cannes March Do Film.

Hint, Which won the VeeR Future Award – Best VR Interactive Experience, follows a heartbreaking panda named Herbie (Egerton) who recently examined his relationship memories after breaking up with his deer girlfriend Rice (Boynton). The main score is by Juliana Barwick. The project is co-produced by Cleary and O’Connor’s Mr Kite and Albion, the studio arm of the Atlas V Group. This is Albion’s first co-production. Produced by Lee Harris for Electric Skies.

Alex Holland The Soloist VR

“Alex Holland: The Soloist VR”
Jonathan Griffith Productions

Alex Honald: Single VR Won the VeeR Future Award – Best VR Story Award. Directed by Jonathan Griffith, the project uses the latest VR panoramic shooting technology (and high-resolution 360-degree 3D) to follow Hannold as he trains in the United States before a month-long trip to the European Alps. Jonathan Griffith Production Producer.

The Can XR program, dedicated to immersive technology and cinematographic content, has received nearly 200 VR projects worldwide this year in the genres of live-action, animation, interactive art, documentary and descriptive games. A total of 18 prizes have been shortlisted for consideration.

Jury panelist Zhang Jiai and Bad Robot’s Hannah Mingela announced the winners on Monday. Doug Chiang of Lucasfilm was an advisor to the panel.

“I would like to thank our partner VeeR for hosting this virtual exhibition and the VeeR Future Awards,” said Guillaume Esmiol, executive director of March du Film. “The goal of Can XR is to support the XR community and to build bridges between the movie and XR industries for film professionals and creative artists. I would like to thank all the artists and producers for their participation and for discovering our masterpieces. There are variations that we can find in XR, including different genres: animation, documentary, drama, comedy, action.

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