SiriusXM Conan O’Brien’s team buys cocoa – deadline

SiriusXM has acquired the podcast network and digital media business of Tim Coco, Conan O’Brien, along with his popular podcasts. Conan O’Brien needed A friend. Team Coco’s staff will continue to create network podcast slates and collaborate on new content for SiriusXM.

The deal includes a five-year talent deal for O’Brien to host a podcast in his name, which will be widely available.

He will be collaborating with SiriusXM to create and manage a new fulltime, original Team Coco comedy channel for SiriusXM subscribers.

The deal includes distribution of selected videos from Conan’s podcast, as well as archives of long night shows of TBS, live events and Tim Coco brand merchandise.

Tim Coco launched a decade ago and has gained over 1 billion annual video views across YouTube and Facebook. It downloads an average of 180 million annual podcasts and reaches 17 million fans across social media. Flagship podcast, Conan O’Brien needed A friend, Created with the help of Stitcher’s Earwolf, ranks as one of the top five most searched podcasts and has recently won two Webb Awards. The agreement lends Team Coco the promotional power of the SiriusXM, Pandora and Stitcher listening platforms – “expanding the network’s voice and expanding the Team Coco brand to new audiences,” the announcement said.

“When I started in television, my ultimate goal was to work my way up in radio,” said the comedian. “This new agreement with SiriusXM builds on a great relationship that began several years ago with a team that stands out in their field.”

“We are thrilled that Conan is committed to creating its incredibly successful podcasts and now an exclusive team for SiriusXM will expand its role as executive to create Coco radio channels,” said SiriusXM Contact Head. “Conan has created an amazing brand and company at Team Cocoa with a proven track record of finding and launching interesting and addictive podcasts. We look forward to continuing to grow the Team Cocoa brand.”

As part of the acquisition, SXM Media, SiriusXM’s joint advertising sales company, expands its exclusive global advertising presence outside of the Tim Coco podcast – such as Nicole Byers Why don’t you date me And JB Smooth Can I tell the details?With its stitcher co-production Scam goddess with Laci Mosley, Literally! With Rob Low, Three questions with Andy RichterAnd Park and remember – To include digital videos, social media and live events associated with Team Coco’s features.

Team Coco podcasts will be available on Stitcher, SXM App, Pandora and major podcast listening platforms.

Financial details were released, but WSJ said insiders had estimated the deal at about 150 150 million.

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