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Tonight SNL Seen the end of the season Weekend updatePresenters Colin Jost and Michael Che are bidding farewell to longtime cast members Eddie Bryant and Pete Davidson.

Stop by Update The desk was the first to revive her role as a trend forecaster with Boyen Young, who began her appearance with a portion of what is and what is not in the case of summer fruit.

“A: Grapes with seeds,” Young said.

“A: Tying cherry stalks with the tongue to impress for sex,” Bryant said.

“A: watermelon sugar, SongYoung added. “And out?”

“Navel orange!” Young and Bryant said at the same time.

“Navel Orange, Ehu!” Young joked. “Why do you have belly buttons? You are a fruit! “

“What next? Honey with C-section scars? Deadpand Bryant. Navel orange, go to bed, bitch!”

After discussing the salutation trend, the forecasters reached a segment in Time Trends, where Bryant hinted at his impending doom. SNL Exit

“A: 10 beautiful years,” Bryant says.

“A: A friend without whom I wouldn’t be able to do this,” Young said, leaving his character out of emotional trauma.

“And, oh !! Look who’s back!” Bryant says.

“It’s navel orange! We love you, girl, “said Young.

After Che began to think aloud about what was going to happen and what was going to happen in the future, Bryant told him, “Something new has come … my best guys are kissing me,” and then Young and Che kissed on the cheek.

Pete Davidson on SNL

NBC via YouTube TV

Finishing of the final Update The best of the season was Davidson, who just said hello to Che, “and millions of people are just watching to see if I can raise Kanye.”

When Jost mentioned that Davidson had “a strange year”, the exiting cast member agreed. “I never imagined it would be my life. I mean, look at me when I started here,” he said, taking a picture from 2014. And now, everyone knows I’m white because I’ve been very successful and just got to work. Can’t see. “

Davidson joked that, flashing to the front today, he was getting old “like an old banana”, while Jost “still looks like the only Kennedy that doesn’t drink.”

After thanking Davidson for the compliment, Just asked if he was leaving “officially”.

“Yes brother. [Producer] Learn [Michaels] Accidentally gave me a gift of socks, so I’m free, “Davidson joked, referring to Dobby the Elf of Reference. Harry Potter Fame

“Has much changed since you started here?” Jost asked.

“A lot has changed. In three years, Fox News congressman Dan Cransh called me a monster for making fun of iPach. Also Dan Cranshaw made fun of the iPach, “explained Davidson. “Tucker Carlson calls him ‘iPatch McCain.’

After Jost explained that, in fact, he was not related to Carlson, Davidson continued to discuss Fox News. “To be fair যা what I actually said, because obviously it still bothers me, what I’m saying ছিলাম it’s not just joking about someone’s appearance, it’s a sensitive issue, which is a sensitive issue. SNL Tradition, “he said.” An image of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars has surfaced. “On the one hand, I don’t like the fact that people think they can just hit a comedian on stage. But on the other hand, I know that all my shows will be sold out now. ”

Jost then wondered if Davidson would miss something SNL.

“Oh well. Lorne, sure. She’s amazing,” said Davidson. Ice wide shot The teams. “

According to Davidson, Michaels also gives “best” advice. “It simply came to our notice then. I will not forget it. I called her when I got engaged, “Davidson shared. “I said, ‘Lorne, I’m engaged to Ariana Grande after just two weeks of dating,’ and she said, ‘Oops! Wait for the dear life. ‘ That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Davidson also remembered when he auditioned SNLMichaels looked him in the eye and said, “I don’t think you’re right for this show. So, let’s screw it together. “

“It simply came to our notice then. If anything, I hope it should be inspired that literally anyone can be Live Saturday nightDavidson said. “Importantly, have you ever seen a man smoke a cigarette at 2 a.m. outside 7/11? It’s not some meth head. This is the next Pete Davidson. “

When Jost told Davidson he would miss her, Davidson replied, “Oh, thank you Colin. I know it’s on your cue card. You were like an older brother to me, the way my mother loves you more than she loves me more than she loves me.” ” He added that he will always appreciate SNL To stay behind him, even when others don’t, and to allow him to “work.” [himself] And grow. “

Davidson concludes, “To never give up on me or to judge me, Davidson concludes,” and to believe in me and allow me to have a place I can call home, for the last time in my life with memories. “

Russian dollsIts Natasha Leon hosted tonight’s episode, serving as a guest on Japanese breakfast music. Also leaving the show tonight are longtime cast members Kate McKinnon and Kyle Mooney. Clip from the final Update Can be found above and below the season.

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