Snoop Dogg admits to fainting after watching 2Pac after Las Vegas shooting – Deadline

Snoop Dogg didn’t expect to see Tupac Shakur in such a horrible shape when his colleague Rapper was in the hospital after the 1996 shooting in Las Vegas.

Speaking on Logan Paul’s “Impulsive” podcast, Snoop Dogg described what he saw shortly after the shooting.

“When we went to Vegas to see the pack, we first went to Sue’s (Knight’s) house, so we didn’t even see the pack,” the former Death Row Chief Knight was driving when Tupac was shot in the passenger seat.

“We were just talking to Suz, and she nodded and she told us what had happened [saying] “The pack will be fine. He’s been shot nine times before he’s going to pull. He’ll be fine.”

This has proven to be a completely optimistic outlook, as Snoop Doug soon discovered.

“It simply came to our notice then. He found the tube in her, “said Snoop Dogg.” When I went inside, I realized he wasn’t there and I fainted. “

Shakur’s mother Afeni Shakur was there, of course. She told him to get it together and talk to his son.

“He was like, ‘My baby has never seen you weak. I don’t want you to be weak in front of him. You go to the bathroom and fix yourself and you go back there and you talk to him and you tell him how you feel.’

Aphenia Shakur to keep away any anger between the two.

“My baby loves you,” said Snoop to Afeni Shakur. “He knew there was a little bit of excitement, but he knew how much we loved each other. So he gave me a moment to talk to him about how much I love him. But I knew that would be my last word with him.”

Tupak Shakur died six days later.

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