Sony and Cinenova are releasing strike deals for thriller ‘Amor Bandido’ – Deadline

Exclusive: Entering the second week of the Cannes Film Festival, Sony Pictures television snatched the multi-territorial Latin American rights to the film shark. Bandit loveUS rights with the release of Raymond Murray’s CineNova.

Daniel Warner’s film premiered at the Buenos Aires Film Festival (BAFICI) last year and has already been sold to Bluebell Pictures (South Korea) and AVJT (Taiwan), negotiating with companies from France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Japan.

Producers are Werner Cine, INCAA, Pukara Films and Nagoya Films and Renato Quattordio (I’m a teenager), Starring Romina Ricky and Rafael Ferro.

It follows Joan (Quercordio), a simple 16-year-old boy from a wealthy family who decides to run away from home with his 35-year-old high school art teacher. After discovering he fell into a trap, he had to fight for his life.

Guido Russ, CEO of FilmSharks, said: “When we chose this outstanding erotic thriller after seeing the reaction of the audience at BAFICI, we felt that it was going to fly well.” “We know it’s a rare genre, but when very well made and handled with great scripts, great results follow.”

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