Sony chairman Tom Rothman has given an update on Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man 4’

Sony chairman Tom Rothman gave an update about Tom Holland Spider-Man 4.

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have done a lot to celebrate since December. Its release Spider-Man: No Way Home Record-breaking leads to box office numbers, especially when one considers the global epidemic. Now, all eyes are on what the future holds for Tom Holland, especially Spider-Man 4.

In an interview with Deadline, Sony’s Tom Rothman gives some updates on what Sony plans to do. Spider-Man 4, And when asked about the involvement of John Watts, Tom Holland and Gendarme, he responded with the following:

‚ÄúThis whole team, we hope. Then there are movies that I would say are connected to the Spider-Man universe. That RequirementsWhich we are now shooting, and Madame Webb, Which we will begin in the spring under the direction of SJ Clarkson. And then there are the many Marvel characters that stand out. When I took charge of Sony, it was said, oh, Sony doesn’t have an IP. Not true. We actually had fantastic IP. We just need to focus on that. We had Jumanji, Bad guys, Unpublished. Ghostbusters, Another example. Just before I got here, they turned onto a road that didn’t work well. But because of his relationship with Jason Reitman and Evan, he can live in peace, and we’ve been able to revive it with great success, both in drama and at home. “

Based on Tom Rothman’s comments, it appears that Sony is hoping to bring back both John Watts and Zendaya. Spider-Man 4. Apparently, the two are quite busy with their own project, with Watts’ recent departure Bizarre four And a new job Star wars Series for Disney Plus, while Zendaya is one of the most sought after actresses in the world right now.

Rest assured, Tom Holland will probably return as Sony’s Peter Parker Spider-Man 4, And even if Zendaya’s MJ could finally come back, here’s hoping it’ll continue the narrative threads No way home Where Peter has to move on from his previous life thanks to the spelling of Dr. Strange, and has learned to be the man he wanted to be both in the suit and beyond.

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Source: Deadline

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