Sophia Vargara Shows Her Perfect Figure And Tan In Leopard Print Swimwear

Sophia Vargara A leopard print swimsuit shows off her perfect figure and tan. The actress is definitely ready for the beach season.

In addition to the 49-year-old Colombian-American actress Sophia Vargara, her husband, the actor Joe asked , Likes three things: low-cut swimsuit, leopard print and skimpy clothing with D&G brand. The star of the movie “Beauties on the Run” often posted pictures of herself in a tight dress with a big neckline and a bikini on social networks, and often, these are the creations of Domenico Dolls and Stefano Gabbana, who consider Sophia. The ideal embodiment of women and femininity – she was even a collection of their faces.

Recently, Vargara delighted fans with a new piece of photo of a piece of leopard print swimwear, emphasizing her impeccable figure. Tight buttocks, slender legs, a flat stomach and pumped arms – the actress’s followers were delighted and bombarded her with thousands of enthusiastic comments, including admiration for how beautiful and delightful she was.

Also, Sophia’s followers drew attention to her neat and super-even tan. True, Tara’s body still has a small strip from the swimming trunk, but fans have praised her in contrast, because it means she doesn’t allow herself to sunbathe naked.

In a previous post, the 49-year-old star opted for caramel-colored silk trousers, a red jacket, black heeled sandals for a romantic evening, and a black Hermes Kelly bag in Vargara’s hand.
Sophia’s corset caught the attention of fans – she paired it with a black minimalist corset with curly cups in warm colors, emphasizing her feminine image. Sophia and Joe went to Craig’s restaurant.

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