‘Speed ​​Racer’ live-action TV series from the bad robot ordered by Apple TV + –

Apple TV + is preparing Speed ​​boat JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television is a high-profile live-action series where the company is under contract.

Sketch details but I heard the project was written by Hiram Martinez (Snoopers) And Ron Fitzgerald (Westworld), Going back to the original source material and being the life-action of the 1960s classic manga series.

I heard that the series is now working in a writer’s house, with Martinez and Fitzgerald as executive producers / co-listeners.

Speed ​​boatA Japanese media franchise about automobile racing, first launched as a manga series. Mach GoGoGo By Tatsuo Yoshida in 1966. Trans-Lux Syndication has acquired rights and Speed ​​boat The anime was adapted by Tatsunoko Productions, which aired on Fuji TV in Japan from 1967-1968 and aired in the United States in syndication at about the same time.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes in the United States Speed ​​boat The franchise began in the 1990s, starting with comics, video releases, merchandise, a live-action film and series.

On television, Speed ​​Racer’s new adventure, Made a reboot of a US original series, premiered in 1993 and aired in a 13-episode season. This was followed in 2008 Speed ​​Racer: The next generation Which was released on Nicktoons and later revived on MTV, Cartoon Network and Boomerang.

The Wachowskis adapted and directed a live-action filmF Speed ​​RacerWhich was released in 2008. I heard that the Apple series has no connection.

Bad Robot has a long-standing relationship with Apple, where the company has made several series so far, according to Stephen King. Lisi’s story, Starring Julianne Moore; Sarah Beryles’ Little voice; And upcoming My pride was such a friend of mineTopped by Jennifer Garner.

Dennis Petsky contributed to this report.

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