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Spoiler alert: This post contains details Hello The season ends with “Transcendence.”

Hello Returning from a conflicting moment with an action-packed finale reminiscent of games and paving the way for John, Cortana, Halsey and more.

As Steve Kane and Kyle Killen write, “Transcendence” began after the Spartan-on-Spartan War. John (Pablo Schreiber), bloodied and wounded, stumbles around the wreckage to reach Kai (Kate Kennedy) and looks for Mackay (Charlie Murphy). Coventry escapes with the High Charity Artifact through Spy and his One Night Stand Phantom.

In the chaos at Rich, Vanak (Bentley Kalu) threatens to kill Kai but with the help of John Captain Keys (Danny Sapani) informs his fellow superheroes about the brainwashing of Halsey. John persuades them to work with him to restore the pattern. Before they set off for the higher charities and deals, Kai followed Halsi and demanded details of his personal life and identity. Before he could get anything significant, Halsey quickly exits with an escape pod. In addition, UNSC has one more fugitive to hunt.

John, Cortana (Jane Taylor), Miranda (Olive Gray) and Parangowski (Shabana Azmi) get together to talk about strategy. They look to find the planet of agreement and John promises that Silver Team can make it to the planet. Parangowski supports John, but encourages him to put aside his personal feelings. Keys apologizes to John for his complication in Halsey’s test, but John promises to reckon in the future. Silver team forward Antu Dawn on board when some UNSC Marines arrest someone who thinks Halsey after his pod crashed.

On the way to High Charity, Cortana clears up about Halsy’s plan to completely occupy John’s body. He explained that he had disobeyed John’s order to protect humanity. After a turbulent journey, the Silver team reached the contract base.

Back at Rich, Miranda sits down with her mother, and shares that the court has decided to execute Halsey. In the process of executing the death sentence, Miranda realizes that her mother has left a clone in her place and that she is roaming freely.

The chief and his team confront Coventry Grants, picking up needles and various treaty weapons on the way to the artifact. During the contract ceremony, Mackie and John reconnect to Hello, revealing the Silver team to the contracting forces. A team of elites appears to resist the Spartans in a battle that is reminiscent of the game’s brutal battles. The Silver team is struggling to hold their own, John has failed in the best contract force. Mackie manages to stop a fatal blow by touching the keystone, which brings him and John back to hello. While trying to persuade John to help him activate the hello, Mackie breaks down after Kai shoots him. When mocked down, the starmap to the left of First Hello is incomplete.

Now, the chief must decide whether to save Artifact or his team members who are fighting for their lives. He hands over control to Cortana, who will do both. Master Chief, but not John, returns with new strength and impeccable kilstreak. By remotely controlling the forward with the help of Cortana, he easily destroys all contract troops. Without a word, he carries artwork.

Unidentified by the UNSC, Halsey thinks of mankind’s “unpredictable evolution” and “true potential” on the outskirts of Reich. “I doubt Hello will be original,” he guessed.

Return to Master Chief Rich. But noticing a silent, seemingly emotionless and again faceless chief, Kai asks what the audience is thinking: “John, what are you?”

Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill talks to Deadline about Season 2, weighing in on episode 8 that divides fans and works with newcomers. Hello David Winer of Shorna. Read the full interview, which was edited for length and clarity, below.

Deadline: Looks like you’ve saved one of the biggest battles for the end with the Spartans to literally head-to-head with the Coventry forces. How did this ending come together?

Wolfkill: We certainly wanted to end with a huge Spartan moment, and I think what we’ve seen this season is this race to figure out where the hello ring is. We understand that this thing is pointing to that thing and that this is the thing that the deal is trying to get, and finally, we understand at UNSC that we want to get that thing too. I felt that it was inevitable that we would reach this moment where we would realize the power of these patterns together.

It was important for John and Cortana and their relationship, which was quite new in the first season, to strengthen that trust relationship. There seemed to be a lot that we were taking our time to go through the season, and I think we always knew they were all going to come together at this finishing moment.

Deadline: What were the challenges, if any, to consolidate this huge battle? Audiences watched Needler, Covenant Grants and other Easter eggs.

Wolfkill: The most important thing to start by creating any sequence of this battle is still a story to be told. It’s not just action. There is a story that you want the audience to be able to follow through the whole war actors.

Then, you put on top of the complexity of living this CG, deal in a way that seems believable. Spartan action, people probably think it’s easy because we’ve done it in games for so long. Doing it in live action and doing it with real actors in the sand with real physical, real armor and doing pyro off and with stunt actors with blue screen – it’s crazy. It’s literally madness.

The funniest part of it is the sights and sounds Hello. Easter eggs, and how you create a battle that anyone can see and because they have a visual understanding of what it’s like to play through such a battle, how do you convey that feeling to the audience when they don’t have a controller in their hand and Have the same intensity and excitement? Things about Hello You have as much muscle memory around it. Those fights really, production is really insane.

Deadline: The end comes after a very intimate moment Between John and Mackie. The two slept with each other in episode 8 and it generated a very strong reaction from the Hello fans. What do you think of that response?

Wolfkill: There was a lot of conversation about whether to do it and it was a tough one. I mean, I would say there are a lot of different opinions and voices.

I would say from my point of view, the audience understood what it meant for him to make a human connection with someone, a mockery. There are a lot of different opinions on how to do this and in the end, we ended up on that path and I think many of us are conflicted about it and it’s not a bad thing.

I think in the end what we have been able to give this season is a master chief who is totally a soldier, a hero and a leader that he has always been and we are also leaving the season with a character John who is truly a fully defined character. It is very interesting to see his journey, and you know, there is some controversy on the way there.

My hope is that we pick all sorts that can be surpassed and we look to the end with where the main and John two seasons are going. I firmly believe that we have an amazing story to tell and we will continue to do so, and sometimes we know with the Silver Timeline that it will be different from what we have seen before. But he who is a character is completely the same as both Master Chief and John.

End date: What does ending mean for fake? That we should see all of her?

Wolfkill: Kai a good shot. That’s all I can say. I don’t think I’ve been allowed to spoil anything yet in the second season.

Deadlines: Missing from the finale were Soren (Bokem Woodbine) and Quan (Yerin Ha), who seem to have tied their season plot in 7 episodes. Are they going to walk a different road? How do you see a reunion with their boss, if they do?

Wolfkill: I think if I had my way, which I always did, we would have had more episodes in the first season to bring them back together. I would further say that we see it as the pressure of multi-seasons and the universe is so big. In some ways, it’s even more understandable for them to find their way back to each other down the street because if you want to, it’s not a small world.

We’re still working on the second season, obviously from a script standpoint. I would say that we love all three characters – Master Chief, Soren and Kwan – and they all have such fascinating dynamics together. To me, this is something I want to see more of.

Deadline: Season 1 was like the original story where it was based on John’s past pre-Spartan life, how could that approach lead to Season 2? In the finale, at the very last scene, John goes back to the calm, unemotional Master Chief.

Wolfkill: This is very funny because as a character he is not as far away as can sometimes be felt from the Chief as we know from the game. We only see different situations and scenarios with him. What is important for the second season is that John is constantly growing and evolving and his understanding and his role as Master Chief should continue to grow and evolve. He should be a bad-ass Spartan, but I also think that as a man in a suit he’s still going on a kind of journey, which, in the end, the idea is that this is what makes him such a great soldier.

We may see him continue to play in the future rather than where we are sitting on the show right now. I’ll add that MasterChief is one of the things you don’t see in games with John and the guy inside the armor. I think this is something we should definitely continue to explore in the second season.

End date: In the final, Cortana eventually takes over as master chief. We’re probably going to see Pablo’s face again in Season 2, right? Or is that helmet stuck?

We will definitely see Pablo’s face.

Deadline: It’s not just John learning about himself. We put such a strain on Kai’s self-discovery, and at the very end of the episode all the other Spartans learned about what Halsey had done to them. How will those two seasons continue?

Wolfkill: There is such a rich story, well, the Spartan source and Halsey himself and it is a great interesting way to understand it and learn about it with their eyes. Halsey and Spartan, they are a family and Cortana. Then Kiss and Miranda separately, but they all have a dynamic, and I think it’s still to stay on the rich ground because Halsey made them and we all have complex relationships with our families. We know each other better than anyone else, and so, I think this is the kind of unique dynamic that we will continue to explore.

Deadline: David Winner is set as Shorana for Season 2. Have you had any initial conversations with him about exactly where you want to go in the second season?

Wolfkill: I was really excited to have David on board and I think the first season had a lot to pull together. How do we kind of figure out the right kind Hello Tell a story? How do we finally navigate what has become of the silver timeline? How do we navigate viewers’ expectations to play the game as well as enliven the universe? I boiled it all down we learned how to make one Hello Display Now we can really, really dig and start fine tunes and bring in other elements of the universe. We have a much tougher, more military feeling Hello Pieces in the past and Hello The elements are all part of our DNA.

I think we have some strong moves because we have a season under control and we can really start exploring. David is a really brilliant writer and I feel that the aspects of the universe we want to explore and some of the tones align very well with him.

End date: Pablo said earlier that you are ready to start shooting for Season 2 this summer in Budapest. Is that still a timeline?

Wolfkill: In general, we are on a better path. The crew is together, and we’ve had a lot of crew since our first season, which is amazing because I can’t express how talented and enthusiastic the crew was. We have some new people who have come on board outside of David that I’m really excited about, and we’re pretty deep into that. So, we’re definitely going to be shooting. I’m just going to say a long time ago, but I’d say we’re on a path.

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