Strange Al Yankovic ‘unknown thing’ name-drop – responds to deadlines

The weird Al Yankovic has become one of the leaders in the latest pop culture, appearing on Netflix’s sci-fi hit Stranger Things.

The first volume of the much-awaited fourth season fell on Friday. In the scene in question, Dustin Henderson (Getten Matarazzo) and Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) are seen enjoying lunch in a high school cafeteria. They’re joining Stranger Things Newcomer Joseph Quinn, who portrays Eddie Monson, the leader of their Hellfire Club. When he first met friends, he mentioned Eddie Yankovic.

“I knew you by sight. You just sat at that table looking like two little lost sheep, “he said, before speaking directly to Matarzzo’s character. “You were wearing a weird Al T-shirt, which I thought was daring.”

In response to the short name-drop, Yankovich shared an equally short social media response.

“#Brave #StrangerThings,” he tweeted on Friday, just hours after the first episodes of the season debuted on Netflix. Check out her tweets below.

Current Stranger Things The season will end with Volume 2, which will have two episodes and will drop on July 1

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