Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown began to radically change her image

Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Amul changed his image and began to look twice as old

The fourth season of Stranger Things premiered in New York. The main characters of one of the most popular Netflix projects grew up in front of viewers, so Internet users were extremely surprised to see Mili Bobby Brown.

The 18-year-old star has radically changed her image by adding a dozen years to her real age. The natural brown haired woman grows her hair and dyes it in a light shade. A black and white Louis Vuitton dress and overly bright makeup is the only bad thing.

However, the actress’s stylists have been criticized more than once for her failed selection of outfits. After becoming famous at the age of 12, Millie was forced to go to experts who are accustomed to working with older stars, so at formal events, the girl looks much older than her age.

True, Millie is not the only one who shocked the public. The young star was received by 13-year-old Naomi Watts, who wore a pink dress on the red carpet. “Strange thing when a boy looks like a girl, and a girl looks like a woman” “Excuse me, but is she exactly 18 years old?”, “Please dismiss her stylist. Millie is not near, “Internet users commented on the report.

Judging by the photographs, Liv was not too happy with the image of his youngest son. It is noteworthy that before this, the star of the “Scream” movie regularly posted pictures with the boy on social networks. True, after Kai started growing her hair and putting on makeup, the actor stopped showing family pictures to customers in an attempt to protect his son from the haters.

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