Strongly recovered Lana del Rey is walking around Hollywood wearing tight jeans

Strongly healthy King’s fur Wear tight jeans and walk around Hollywood. And the singer is not at all ashamed of his round shape. The paparazzi filmed while shopping at Lana del Rey, 36 Melrose Place . The star had a friend with whom they wore the same outfit: both light skinny jeans and a white T-shirt with a deep neckline.

Lana looked cheerful and happy; She doesn’t even hide the big sunglasses. It looks like the singer has already come to terms with the extra pounds he gained during quarantine and which he still can’t take part in.

For shopping, Elizabeth Ulrich Grant – the real name of Lana del Rey – wore a minimal make-up (a little mascara on her eyelids, blush on her cheekbones and glitter on her lips), and her hair was collected in her signature. . And yet, she is true to her favorite red varnish, with which both manicure and pedicure were performed.

In a previous post, the difference between today’s single Girl Lana’s single covers is about ten years, but it seems like eternity. But if you scold, you will see the branded lazy look and sensual lips of the popular singer in the girl in the photo on the right. Get used to it, now Dell Ray looks completely different, but his voice still sounds great.

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