Tamar Braxton has an epic announcement for fans

Tamar Braxton It has the most epic proclamation for its fans and followers. See what he posted below.

‘Omji my team texted me this morning !! Not everyone can wait !! It’s going to be an epic and maybe ornormankgyamfi will let me sing my new song, but not that, a special surprise for those who come! ‘ #seyasoon, ‘said Tamar.

Someone else said: ‘I did not know! Saturday would be great for my birthday. What day are you going to stay here ?? ‘

Another follower said: ‘Now I love how he started with a California girl pronouncing “like” then it went straight to DMV. “

One commenter posted it: ‘I got my grandma’s ticket a few weeks ago … she’s been talking about it lately.’

Someone else said: ‘All I know is that people need music. New wwwww Miss Mamas !! We’ve waited long enough, ‘and one commenter posted it:’ Although not too much on you, my ears are craving for new Tamar music, new music is needed. ‘

Tamar Braxton He is making his fans laugh with the latest message he shared on his Twitter account. Check it out here.

Someone said: ‘No, she’s basically saying don’t be embarrassed by being a super mom, my son will tell me or his mother this.’

One commenter posted this: ‘Nah she just wants these kids to know her mom is completely different !!!’

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