‘Tchaikovsky’s wife’ saves director Roman Abramovich – deadline

Tchaikovsky’s wife Filmmaker Kirill Serebrenikov, a Russian dissident, had the film bankrolled in the Cannes global media, especially with Roman Abramovich’s oligarch funding, as well as grilled with the idea of ​​a world boycott against Russia.

Abramovich recently said he was donating money from the sale of Chelsea FC in England to a foundation that would benefit victims of the war in Ukraine. Is the donor to donate future money earned from a similar plan Tchaikovsky’s wife?

Serebrennikov says Abramovich is one of the good boys.

“He helps modern art, and he’s been around a long time now. He is a true patron of Russia and it has been deeply appreciated. Thanks to him, we have arthouse movies, “said the filmmaker.

Oligarch’s kinoprem is based on Serebrenikov’s greater pride in art: “These are not promotional films, but the opposite. You have to understand that he does a very good job. “

Zelensky told President Joe Biden that Abramovich should not be subject to any sanctions. He called on Abramovich to be one of the key figures in the peace process. “The director continues,” I totally agree that we need to lift sanctions against Abramovich.

“We’re far from making a lot of money,” said Ilya Stewart, the film’s producer.

Tchaikovsky’s wife, Playing in the ear competition, the most famous Russian composer of all time, Piotr Tchaikovsky, and his wife, Antonina Milyukova, follow the strained relationship.


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