Texas School Mass Shooting Disney OB-One Kenobi Finds Added Warning – Deadline

Updated with Disney Statement: The similarities between the shooting of a gruesome mass school in Texas this week and the JD school massacre in Disney’s new OB-One Kenobi series have added one warning after another to the Evan McGregor-led show.

“There are some scenes in this fictional series that might seem boring to some viewers,” he said in a detailed section on the OB-One page of several Mouse House streamer accounts right now.

This is a bleaching and editing of various statements which was earlier on 27th May

“While this fictional series is a continuation of the story of the Star Wars movie shot many years ago, some scenes may annoy viewers in light of recent tragic events,” it said earlier. “Warning: There is violence involving children.”

Surprisingly, the caution is actually to be found on the Kenobi page and it will not be found as a slate at the beginning of the opening episode. The inclusion of caution comes a day after Kenobi rolls out at Anaheim’s Star Wars celebration.

“In light of the recent tragic events, we acknowledge that there are scenes in this fictional series that may annoy some viewers and that a content warning has been added to the show page,” a Disney spokesperson told Deadline today. “We are working to add a suggestion to the front of the series as soon as possible,” the representative added.

The company added the first version of the content alert early Friday, just hours after the OB-One Kenobi debuted. The much-anticipated series dropped its first two episodes late Thursday, nearly three days after 19 children and two adults were killed in a school shooting in Uvalade, Texas.

The scene in question is actually the first OB-One KenobiWhich follows a long summary of the events up to the time frame of the series, a decade after the events depicted. Star Wars: Revenge of the Seth.

The first OB-1 Kenobi scene shows JD Temple being attacked by Imperial Inquisitors and Stormtroopers. With chaos and death all around, a female JD avoids the Blaster and Red Lights service to get some young boys and girls to safety. The teacher is cut off and a cluster of less than half a dozen students decides to “run” in hopes of escaping similar consequences.

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The gruesome scene ends with the children staggering over an overhead pathway when Jedi is killed by Imperial forces.

Netflix On did something similar this week for its Season 4 premiere Stranger Things, Adding a warning card about a scene of violence involving children. The card appears before the Season 3 recap which is only auto-played at the beginning of Season 4, Episode 1 for U.S. viewers only.

Evan McGregor’s title character OB-One Kenobi, Which takes place in Seth’s revenge And New hope The film’s six-episode series follows the life of the exiled OB-One at Tatooine. Star wars Hayden Christensen, a prequel veterinarian, is also back in the role of Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader.

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