The Academy Museum announces the formation of the Staffra Union – Deadline

Employees of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures today announced the formation of the Union Academy Museum Workers United as part of Council 36 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. AMWU now seeks recognition from the museum as an exclusive representative for the more than 200 union-qualified employees working in front of and behind the house.

The Academy Museum opened its physical location in the vicinity of Miracle Miles in Los Angeles in September last year after decades of planning. Its staff has formed their own union to address working conditions, wages and benefits, as well as to help staff shape the future of the museum.

AMWU plans to file for a union election soon through the National Labor Relations Board, if the museum fails to recognize it voluntarily. Upon recognition, either by election or voluntarily from the museum, AMWU members will begin negotiating an agreement with their employer.

“We are thrilled to be able to form our union, the Academy Museum Workers United, because the time has come for those who work to preserve and celebrate the art, in this case the film industry, to have a voice in their work,” said Sarah Stern, Retail Sales Associate. Worth respecting and speaking about the working conditions and the direction of our work. For this museum to be successful, its staff must be safe and respected. “

Assistant Curator, J. Raul Guzman added, “We believe in incorporating the mission of the Academy Museum, and we believe in our mission as a service to our staff and an agent of positive change in our community.” “Through our union, we believe we can set industry standards for cultural institutions around the world – standards that improve job security, fair and livable wages, and safety for all workers.”

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