The Blue Beetle set photos offer the first look at the full costume at the Xolo Mariduena.

Xolo Maridueña’s Blue Beetle costume has been released thanks to a new batch of photos from the DC Films project set.

Blue Beetle Currently knee-deep in production in Atlanta, Georgia, Xolo Maridueña is the latest actor to bring the iconic superhero to life. This morning, Just Jared. The junior costume dropped the first picture of the marijuana, featuring the 20-year-old actor in an incredibly-detailed, practical Blue Beetle costume ripped from the pages of DC Comics. Below is a look.

Xolo Maridueña was the only major cast member to be seen Blue Beetle Set photo time. The film’s supporting cast includes Susan Sarandon, Harvey Guillain, Raul Max Trujillo, Elpedia Carrillo, Jorge Lopez, Adriana Baraza, Bruna Marquez, Damien Alcazar and Belisa Escobedo.

The 20-year-old actor of Mexican, Cuban and Ecuadorian descent, Xolo Maridueña is best known for his work as Miguel Diaz. Karate Kid Sequel series Cobra Kai, Which debuted on YouTube Red before moving to Netflix. He had previously starred in the NBC series Fatherhood. Blue Beetle DC marks the marijuana’s first entry into the universe.

In DC Comics, Dan Garrett was an archaeologist who discovered the Blue Beetle Scarab and used its power to fight crime. Although his successor, Ted Cord, was unable to harness the power of the scarab, he adopted the Blue Beetle mantle from his mentor using brilliant billionaire technology and martial arts. A few years later, a teenage boy named Jaime Reyes is captured by the Blue Beetle Scarp and uses it to reveal an armed exoskeleton. Accepting the Beetle mantle, Jaime used the suit alongside his two best friends, Brenda and Paco.

Produced by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cooley Hamner, James Reyes first appeared on the 2006 page. Infinite crisis # 5. A live-action version of Zaime appeared in the Superman Prequel series SmallvilleDC Comics with Jaren Brand Bertlet in the lead role.

Blue Beetle Angel Manuel Soto is set to be released in August 2023. Stay tuned for the latest news around the movie and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

Source: Only Jared Jr.

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