‘The Conjuring’ Haunted House That Sells Inspirational Horror Film – Deadline

Mentioned at the beginning as a young woman The Conjuring“It scares us just thinking about it.”

He was talking about the elements in the film. But that statement also applies to the real estate price war that is pushing housing across the country to the skies. On Rhode Island, that means 27% more homes than early 19th-century homes that inspired the horror film (but weren’t shot there) have recently sold for $ 1.52 million.

For the inexperienced, the 2013 horror film The Conjuring It is a fictional account of the Peron family and their work with paranormal investigators Ed and Lauren Warren. The home has a history of murder, rape and suicide. Clearly this is not enough to discourage buyers in this overheated market: the property list says it is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Bathsheba Sherman who lived there in the 19th century.

“Once we realized we were both awake and watching it, it was gone,” Corey Heinzen told the Journal. The pair also heard footsteps and knocks – and even saw flashes of light in a room without lights.

The new owner is Jacqueline Nunez, 58, a Boston-based real-estate developer, the journal reported. He was one of more than 10 offers on the property. He agrees to meet a unique demand of sellers: not staying home for the buyer’s own good.

“It’s a very personal purchase for me,” Nunez, who was represented by Ricardo Rodriguez and Bethany Eddy of Coldwell Banker Realty in Providence, told the Journal. “When it comes to the market, I thought, ‘This is a property that enables people to talk to the dead.'”

Nunez says he will host events at home with the Peron family.

“I’m not afraid of the house,” Nunez told the Journal. He panicked and added, “Ask me again in a year.”

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