The friend testified that he was “scared” for Amber Hard – the deadline

Updated, 1:48 PM PT: A “lost” Johnny Depp left Amber Hard, “visibly very upset” with a “swollen face” after an alleged fight in 2016, an actress familiar with the matter said in a Virginia courtroom today.r Pirates of the Caribbean Star’s $ 50 million defamation suit.

“It looked like he was hurt in some way,” Elizabeth Marge said in a video statement for Judge Penny Azcaret, jury and spectators playing in November 2019 on Wednesday afternoon. Describing that spring night at Depp and Hard’s DTLA penthouse residence six years ago, Hard’s friend Raquel “Rocky” Pennington’s close friend also said that the actor’s behavior and presence “scared me”.

“If an adult donkey comes up to you and tells you to get your dog out and shake a magnum wine, I’ll run out,” Marge told Depp in a video apparently out of control. Strengthening the initial testimony of Pennington and his fiance, Marge added that Depp “appeared to be intoxicated” that 2016 night. He went on to say “outstanding, and everywhere .. belligerent, angry.”

Hard is coming a day after finishing his own testimony after a fiery cross-examination from Demp Lawyer Camille Vasquez, the flow of defense witnesses has gone too fast on Tuesday and today to weed out the apparently toxic relationship of the celebrity couple. Most importantly, the issues related to the First Amendment in Depp’s case against Hard in late 2018 The Washington Post At the moment the views on surviving domestic abuse by the judicial waist side, the emphasis of the defense is on a point-by-point collaboration. Aquaman The star’s physical, mental, verbal and sexual abuse claims against the dismissal Fantastic Beasts Actor

The trial, which began April 11, is set for the rest of this week, and the following week, May 27, with Hard’s team in the driver’s seat for the most part. To that end, the upcoming witness list will be heavier for women to reinforce Hard’s view of the jury, we’ve heard. Also, despite rumors of Depp being brought back to the stand by the defense, the actor’s credibility must remain in the spotlight.

Accordingly, more so that unsuccessful UK defamation action is taken against the actor The sun With the tabloids back in 2020, the standard of actual defection on this side of the Atlantic is much higher. A challenge before any jury, whether you are a movie star or not, has so far proved to be a very clear judgment.

Today, sitting between his chief attorney, Ben Chiu, and Vasquez, the dappled sunglasses are fixed on the monitor and table in front of him. Hard Marge, on the other hand, stared at the courtroom screen, playing more than two years old testimony.

Following Marge’s video, video testimony from makeup artist and former hard friend Melanie Inglisis was shown at the Fairfax County Courthouse. In the February 2, 2021 video, English Herd Attorney Ellen Bradhoft describes in detail how she fixed the actress’ alleged batter face for her December 16, 2015 appearance on James Cordon’s CBS Late Night Show. “We covered the scars with a heavy concealer,” the makeup artist explained, explaining why Hard was relatively unharmed on the show. “It’s really a red lipstick to cover the lip injury,” said Inglis, who has been working hard on the cut lip, claiming he’s suffering.

Earlier Wednesday, Hardy’s sister Whitney Henriquez gave live testimony about the time of their relationship with her siblings and Depp and their close relationship until their 2016 divorce. “Johnny was already holding Amber’s hair with one hand and repeatedly hitting her in the face with the other hand, I was standing there,” he said of a March 2015 incident in Los Angeles.

Discussing the good, the bad, and the so-called ugly things he witnessed, Henriquez stated that one of the reasons Bolt was not, despite his sister’s claims of widespread abuse, was that the relationship between the two was “brief.”

“They fought, they loved each other,” he said.

Currently, expected to be the last witness of the day, the jury is watching Christie Sexton’s December 18, 2019 video statement. The Australia-based acting coach has worked extensively with Hard over the years. “Johnny gets darker over time,” he said of the difference between the first time he met the actor and the passing of the year. “He wasn’t very happy.”

Sexton says Depp has become increasingly critical and abusive over the kind of role Hard plays. He described the last months of the couple’s relationship as “very exciting” and began to miss hard appointments or start crying with more frequency saying “the relationship progresses and the fight gets heavier”.

Previously, 9:47 AM PT: A friend of Amber Heard testified about the extent of the actress’ injuries after an argument with Johnny Depp on Wednesday.

“I was scared for Amber,” said Rachel “Rocky” Pennington. “I was so sorry for Johnny, because he’s my friend too, and I really wanted them to be able to put it together.”

Pennington’s testimony came in a video statement from January. A large portion of her testimony focuses on seeing Hard after an argument with Depp at the Los Angeles Penthouse in December 2015.

Johnny Depp: From ‘Platoon’ to ‘Pirates’ and beyond, career in photography

The jury was shown a picture of Hard, which Pennington said was taken that night. Struggling with tears at the moment, Pennington described how Hard was shown in a photo with two black eyes and a swollen lower lip.

Pennington also described injuries during questioning by Depp’s attorneys.

Herd’s head was “raw and red,” she said, and “there was a bloody patch missing her hair.” Asked if Hard’s face could be red from crying, Pennington said, “It could be.”

But the judges were also shown other pictures of the evening, including a bunch of hair on the carpeted floor. Pennington testified that it was his understanding that the hair belonged to the herd. He added that he took some pictures, but did not change the pictures.

Pennington said they called for help from a private nurse at the penthouse who instructed him not to let Hard sleep that night and to observe his speech.

In a video testimony played Tuesday, Pennington said he and Hard are no longer close. He said they no longer speak but are “not the enemy”.

“I wanted to spend more time with other people in my life and prioritize other relationships,” he said.

Pennington also testified about going to the Deep-Hard Penthouse on the night of May 21, 2016, as the couple argued.

That event is one of the most important moments in their marriage timeline. Hard claims that Depp hit him with a phone. She filed for divorce several days later and then received a restraining order against her divorced husband.

But Depp has denied that he hurt her, and his legal team has since questioned Hard’s claim and the veracity of his injury photos. Pennington, who lived in the penthouse next door, said he was “screaming” when he entered Depp. I don’t remember exactly what he was saying, but he was calling for help. That had never happened before. [She was] Saying ‘help. Help me. ‘”

Pennington said he “put my hand on his chest” and recalled, “Stop. Stop. Calm down.”

He said he then placed his body on top of Hard while lying on the sofa, but Depp was “screaming at him to get up.” At one point, Pennington said he saw a large orange ceramic ashtray. Nearby “I thought if he came closer I would hit him with an ashtray,” he said.

Depp stops when two of his bodyguards arrive and one tells him, “Boss, come on, let’s go.”

But before Depp left, he smashed things on the kitchen island, Pennington said. He denied that he later staged any scenes.

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