The HQ Trivia Dock is set on CNN as the Eva Longoria series moves from CNN + to Linear.

CNN has ordered a documentary about the rise and fall of the mobile game show HQ Trivia, and Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico has moved its fallen streaming service from CNN + to its linear network.

Chris Licht, chairman and CEO of CNN Worldwide, told Warner Bros. Discovery Upfront in New York.

An untitled documentary about the app is directed by Salima Koroma (Dreamland: The Burning of Black Wall Street) and produced by Circus Producer left / right. It will tell the story of the rocket-like rise and the sudden eruption of the once ubiquitous mobile game show, which attracted millions of daily users, including celebrity fans, including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kelly Clarkson.

The application of promising events where players who answered 12 questions correctly won cash prizes, quickly gave way to corporate conflict, jealousy, questionable leadership and even a tragic death. The gameplay was simple and the concept was clear, but like many well-funded topped tech start-ups before, the behind-the-scenes antics were full of drama, destruction, and idleness – this is the shit show story.

The dock will be launched in 2023.

This is the latest version of the story, which was also told in the 2020 podcast from The Ringer. Boom / Bust: The Rise and Fall of HQ Trivia was reported and hosted by Alyssa Bereznak.

Meanwhile, Eva Longoria: Looking for MexicoUnveiled as one of CNN +’s first series, the streaming service will be moved to the linear network after the orbit.

The series, which is produced by TV, follows Great housewife The star when he explores Mexican cuisine. From collecting blue agave for tequila like the Aztecs to cooking traditional mole sauce in Oaxaca, Longoria will travel across the country.

It now sits alongside such projects Stanley Tukey: Searching for Italy, see it out loud: History of Black Television (w / t), The 2010 Executive producer Tom Hanks and CNN Films headlined such Gabby Giffords will not return And Little Richard: I am everything (w / t).

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