The last Ukrainian show before the attack is almost over – deadline

Exclusive: The final TV show shot in Ukraine before the start of the war is nearing the end of a bomb shelter.

Porn, I love you, A rare US / Ukraine co-production from Netflix Winter on fire: Ukraine’s struggle for independence Producer Dan Tolmore was filmed in Kiev just before the start of the war, and editors, sound designers, composers, directors and others are now putting the finishing touches on the shelter.

These shelters have doubled in the last three months to serve a number of functions while, in contrast, FILM.UA’s Ukraine studio itself has been used as a bomb shelter.

U.S. distributor Propagate Distribution is already shopping Porn, I love you To buyers, with the hope that they will see the intense work going on the show and appreciate its comic appeal in times of trouble for a nation that won the alluring Eurovision Song Contest earlier this month.

Starring Artur Ignatenko, Liliya Tsvelikova and Aleksandr Melnik, the show is an original comedy series executive produced by Sergei Baranov, Mark Wayne, Karina Bezel and Igor Volkov. Ukrainian writer Anton Scripts writer / director.

Ptolemy’s DD&T Films office is in Kiev, and the team realized the need to relocate post-production almost immediately after the February 23 Russian aggression.

“Our editor was pulling up, and the directors and producers had to make a final decision through Zoom,” he said, taking the story to the deadline. “The editor lives on the outskirts about 10 miles away, so when we had to bring him to Kiev, the drive would take about two hours because of the ongoing military action.

Ptolemy added that the stress was memorable and made the sound design and sound mixing challenges associated with the actors even more difficult going between countries.

Despite all the difficulties, he said, “resilience and high spirits” helped the team finish successfully.

Scripts added: “The idea was not to give the Russians a reason to break up with us. We have to move forward. We have to show the world that this is not the end. “

In view of what is happening, the thirst for Ukrainian content can only increase.

Katarina Vishnevska, co-pro-executive of FILM.UA, is currently receiving support from major US studios and streamers for the Ukraine Content Club, a $ 20M fund created for Ukrainian scripted drama, animation and reality.

Porn, I love you There is no doubt that the new generation may be the first to gain international recognition and that the content is in tune with the current situation in Ptolemy.

“Audiences around the world can laugh out loud when they see a show that wasn’t made in a really fun time,” he said.

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