The latest season of ‘Stranger Things’ will be longer than last

Latest season ‘ Stranger Things The last one will be more than that. One week before the premiere of the fourth season of Stranger Things, which began on May 27, 2022, the authors revealed interesting details about the continuity of the story.

It is known that the fourth season will be the longest in the history of the series: its running time will increase by 5 hours compared to the previous ones, wrote Collider. The average duration of the new episode will be 75 minutes, and the seventh episode will last more than an hour and a half (98 minutes).

The producers of the show also said that the new season will have two parts: the first seven episodes will be released Netflix One block will be released May 27, and two additional episodes will be released July 1.
“Given the unprecedented length of the new season and wanting to release it as soon as possible, we’ve decided to release a two-part release,” project authors Matt and Ross Duffer explained their decision.

Seven episodes of Volume 1 will premiere under the wire, with Amy’s save deadline ending May 31. “Stranger Things” has always been a favorite of Ames, having been nominated for all the great drama series of the last three seasons. Overall, the series has won six Primetime Emmy Awards out of 39 nominations.

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