The latest ‘Star Wars’ series tries very hard, lacking energy – deadlines

Spoiler alert: This review contains details of the first two episodes of Disney + OB-One Kenobi Series

Force is not strong with OB-One Kenobi.

Debuting on Disney + a few hours ahead of schedule, the first two episodes of the miniseries starring Evan McGregor are almost all unresolved nostalgia that has no wisdom to tell and no story to tell. The Mandalorian lacks charm and embraces its hackneyed efforts Dumb Fate BookThe disobedient OB-One Kenobi is playing a very tempting and intelligent game that cannot be taken lightly because it is more than a glamorous customer grab.

The Netherlands is taking place in the midst of the rise of the empire Seth’s revenge And the destruction of the Death Star New hope, OB-One Basically a liberation story. Yet, as George Lucas learned in such a lucrative way, a little bit of Joseph Campbell can be good for myth but bad for execution.

Abducted Princess, Outer Rim Work Boredom, Confidence Crisis, Timely Throwback and Plot Hole, the beginning of a six-episode series is a dirty mosaic of its effects. Which, no matter how much you mix Lawrence of Arabia with the original Blade Runner, some Matrix, and an unseen Home Alone sequel, fades away faster than an orchid under Tatuin’s twisted sun. One death is further compounded by the fact that significant parts of OB-One have a syndication cheapness in the mid-1990s, with slightly better lighting.

Which is all just as frustrating, and still remains for the small screen version at this point Star wars The franchise tried to persuade Smith’s Senator Bail Organa McGregor’s frustrated Obi-Wan to re-engage JD in the service of his adopted daughter Leah (Vivienne Lyra Blair), “You can’t save Anakin, but you can save” her And it has just been said

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