The ‘Loki’ director has responded to criticism of the LGBT theme in the series

The ‘Loki’ director has responded to criticism of the LGBT theme in the series. Loki director Heron says he is proud of the coverage of the LGBT theme show. Loki director Kate Heron responds to criticism of the show’s LGBT theme. Variety has published an interview with him.

Last year, Dr. Hu Shorner’s Russell T. Davis said Loki’s bisexuality was a cowardly move by Disney. According to him, the movie should tell a stronger story about the LGBT character. Loki mentioned that he was bisexual at one time, and like everyone else, ‘Oh my God, this is a pansexual show. It’s just a word,’ said the cinematographer, who was openly gay.

In response, Heron mentions that she doesn’t mind creating more powerful stories, but she’s proud of the LGBT-themed coverage in the Loki project. I think he (Ty Davis – almost “”) has a right to his opinion, and I’m very proud of what we did on the show. Of course, Russell is my hero, but as I said, I hope we open at least one crack in the door, and there will be more stories, “Heron said.

In the summer of 2021, Marvel confirmed rumors about Loki’s bisexual character from the series of the same name. Heron then stressed that it was vital for the hero to show that he belonged to the LGBT community.
He posted footage from the project’s new series, so that Loki could communicate with his alternative version – Sylvia. She asks him if he is interested in any prince or princess. “A little bit of everything. I think you do too,” the character replies.
Heron noted that it was important for Loki to show adaptation. “It’s who she is and I’m part of her. I know it’s a small step, but I’m glad it’s Canon now,” he wrote.

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