The Magic Unlock ‘- Deadline

More Care Bears: Unlock magic On the way. HBO Max and Cartoon Network have added six new 22-minute greenlights Care Bears: Unlock The Magic Cartoonito is special for the preschool block. Currently in production. In addition, Season 1 of the 2D animated series (48 11-minute regular episodes and two 22-minute specials) has been extended to linear and streaming platforms in early 2027.

Produced by Cloudco Entertainment, Care Bears: Unlock magic Following Cheer Bear, Grampy Bear, Good Luck Bear, Funshine Bear and Share Bear and many more as they embark on a new adventure from Care-a-Lot to Silver Lining, a beautiful exotic world inhabited by whiffles, a team innocently happy. Animals who plant seeds to keep the Care-A-Lot magical land growing. Throughout the series, Care Bears use the power of their belly badges to spread the message of sharing, caring, friendship and courage, and with lots of laughter along the way.

Each new special will be tied to a larger “mini-movie” moment or theme that increases the risk for Care-A-Lot and its surroundings for Care Bears and their compatriots. As with Season 1, the specials will be aligned with Cartoonito’s anthropocentric learning framework, an educational philosophy that helps young viewers become the best version of themselves, with pre-schools teaching kindness and friendship.

Speaking for everyone at Care-a-Lot, we are excited for more fun, magic, adventure and discovery. Care Bears: Unlock magic – as well as the occasional ‘Care Bear Star’ with HBO Max and these new specials to Cartoon Network, “said Sun Gorman, president of Cloudco Entertainment.

Season 1’s Care Bears: Unlock magic The series is also available in the UK (Tiny Pop and Sky-TV), Canada (WildBrain’s Family Channel and Family Junior), France (TG and S), Switzerland (RTS), Israel (Hop!), Brazil (Globe). Mexico (Televisa), Spanish Pan-Latam (Nogin), Australia (Channel 9), South Africa (ETV), Middle East (e-Vision and E-Junior), Portugal (Canal Jr., Panda), China (CCTV 14) Worldwide Broadcast Deal.

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