The makers of ‘WeCrashed’ on Newmans, their fall and much more [Podcast] – Deadline

Adam Newman, the founder and former CEO of WeWork, who managed his real estate office company through some catastrophic decisions, with only $ 1.7 billion to get away from it, was a story for a dilemma-era.

What was the way in this Icarus story? For co-producers Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crevello, it was through Adam’s wife, Rebecca. To date, the couple has remained happily married, despite being forced out of WeWork.

Listen to our conversation with the following two:

“The relationship with Adam and Rebecca felt like a new way to explore a business story,” Eisenberg explained.

“We talked about this character, this charismatic, bigger than the salesman of life, how they were part of this bubble through the ages,” Crevello said. “So charismatic, he could invest billions upon billions.”

“Rebecca draws this story into a love story,” Crewlo added today to the crew call.

On the sidelines though, he gave WeWork a policy and thus part of the complexity of the turmoil it faced.

“They fuel each other,” said Crevello. They were each other’s oxygen, at the actual sub-atomic level, they both knew they needed each other. “

We talk to Eisenberg and Crevello about the couple’s dynamics, as Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway have done great; And how Newman’s Misfire with Weaver reflects Elizabeth Holmes with Theranos.

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