The NBA is back on Chinese TV for the playoffs, the first game since October 2019 – Deadline

ESPN reports that the NBA playoffs are back for Chinese TV viewers after a lengthy ban on an executive’s controversial political statement.

The ESPN story by Mark Finaru-Wada and Steve Finaru tells that the return is not being trumped by the league, which refuses to talk about a direct return. Instead, it gave a speaker’s statement praising the NBA’s right to “inspire and connect people everywhere.”

The story goes that NBA owners collectively have exposure to more than $ 10 billion in assets in China, as well as দেশে 5 billion in NBA business in the country. This probably includes broadcasting and internet rights, as well as merchandising and sponsorships.

Houston Rocket General Manager Daryl Moore angered the Chinese government by tweeting “First for Freedom”. Stand with Hong Kong. ”During the uprising in that city.

ESPN estimates that the league has spent millions of dollars on tweets. It gave the league a black eye when it hesitated to support Morey’s call for independence. ESPN points out its position on the NBA’s call for social justice in the United States and its position on hypocrisy and China’s human rights abuses.

“No one really wants their names associated with China, but what can they do?” Attorney Dan Harris, who represents several companies doing business in China, told ESPN. “They are bitcoin and somehow in between. If Americans say what they want to say, it is death in China. If they say what China wants is the death of America. “

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