The new Balenciaga collection, which will soon be tried by Kim Kardashian and

Unusual images from the new Balenciaga collection, which will soon be tried by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
The creative director of the French House of Demnor Resort 2023 has brought the collection to New York. In it, he tried to expose the evils of modern society and collaborated with Adidas.

Sunday morning on the New York Stock Exchange was, perhaps, the most unusual in the history of financial institutions. Celebrities replaced the tumultuous brokers: Farrell Williams with his family, Yeh (or, as we call him, Connie West), Chloe Savigny, Megan Thi Stallion, Frank Ocean, Alexa Demi, and even Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams. The reason for the high concentration of stars in one place was Demna: the creative director of Balenciaga, brought the Resort 2023 collection to New York.

Latex bodysuits completely hid the faces of the show’s models; They were corporate attackers on their way to a rave or a private adult party. Demna has hit the nerves of time again: Wall Street has been hit hard by hype surrounding a growing recession in the United States over the past few weeks, so the stock market race was another confirmation of the general danger.

The Balenciaga Creative Director immediately showed off the runway branded shoulder wool and satin silk coats, maxi dresses glittering with hundreds of sequins, where we can imagine Kim Kardashian, with flying polka dot midis, luxurious blouses and necklaces. However, the main news during the show was the presentation of the collaboration between the French fashion house and Adidas.
Some of the tracksuits that Demner signed a few years ago have received Adidas tristripes, such as the iconic Triple S Sneakers and the Balenciaga leather handbag.

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