The new Harry-style album has broken Apple Music’s streaming record

Harry Styles The new album broke Apple Music’s streaming record.
British musician Harry Styles has released his third solo album “Harry’s House”, which according to Billboard has set a record for streaming Apple Music. During the presentation, he explained why this album is his favorite at the moment.
“When I started recording music, I realized that this was not an important geographical location for me, but an internal situation. So I chose a name that means you can imagine yourself in my home – my normal day and thoughts. Happy. And sadly both play music.The feeling is important to me. <...> I wanted everyone to come to my house, but at the same time listen to my favorite songs, “said the singer.
The album contains 13 songs, including the previous single “As It Was” and “Late Night Talking”. USA, Great Britain and Japan – worked together for three years to create style songs in three countries.
Formerly obsessed with Harry style, a homeless man vandalized the singer’s home. According to the Daily Mail, the stalker entered the house of singer Harry Styles and looted it.
In 2019, Harry helped homeless Pablo Tarazez-Orero with money for food and shelter. After that, the homeless man becomes obsessed with the artist: he follows her on social networks and doesn’t just try to catch her while jogging. Style has won a ban on going to court.

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