The New York Times cover makes strong statements about guns with graphic – deadlines

Authorities say the gunman was able to get the weapon legally.

The New York Times put this seemingly pedestrian sentence in high comfort this weekend, elevating it to the position of the cover line in front of the Sunday Review section of the outlet. The sentence is set on a black background of the white type, the type of times most often used for the most weighty things – remember the 1619 project. The line has been repeated 15 times to punctuate its importance – and perhaps even to embarrass its truth – with each point revealing a specific mass shooting with an annotation that it applies. The list goes back a decade.

Inside the Sunday Review are sections “The Unbearable Introduction to Uwald”, “Celebrating the NRA in Texas” and “New Approach to Gun Control”.

The first of these pieces highlights the now known repetition of the event and the tragic moments that we remember with each such shoot in an attempt to process the event, a repetition that runs the cover line.

“The endless recollection of these bits of information and their diffusion in every channel of communication embeds them deeper into our consciousness. When we hold on to something, we touch it, “wrote Caspian Kang.

Onion took it one step further, blanketing the same article on its homepage last Wednesday that it had posted in response to many mass shootings in the past, shattering the notion that such atrocities could not be stopped.

“There is no way to prevent it,” said the only nation where it occurs regularly, read the title of the article, which was posted 21 times on the home page of the satirical site at the time. Each story matches a different mass shooting but with the same title and quote.

On Twitter, Onion posted a thread linking to all 21 stories.

And finally it took a British outlet politely but firmly the question is being pondered across the United States – “Why is it only in America?” – To one of the two sitting senators in Texas.

Ted Cruz via SkyNews:

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