‘The Opener’ for John Mulani’s Show at Dave Chapel Ohio – Deadline

John Mulani’s show in Columbus, Ohio had an amazing warm-up for the main star – Dave Chappell, who came to shake hands at his nearby Yellow Springs home. Listeners’ phones were locked in a bag, so there is no video at the moment

“I mean, it wasn’t a gun, it was a knife! A gun that marks a knife? Chapel says, per Phils-ime. “He then stopped, smiled a little and moved on quickly. The homophobic joke was that he said “maybe you two are gay, I don’t know, if that’s the case then there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Fils-Aime added, “Just as it was said it was transphobic (in the minds of these users)… you’ll have a hard time finding anyone who actually cracked the details, but someone did it in the end. The supposedly harmful joke was about the stage crusher and the gun / knife he had.

Another chapel joke, as reported by Phils-Aim: “A while ago I had a special outing. The people who were upset about it, I guess they didn’t hear the whole thing until the end, because I had no problem with trans people, I really didn’t. “

“But I do now!”

Mulani hugged Chappell at the end of the set, but Phils-Aim said the hug did not indicate his “position” or anything else.

There were some online complaints about Chappell’s surprising appearance who are still aware of his alleged transphobic comments on his Netflix special, in particular, Nearby.

Phils-Aim says he also got a bit of a push for the features of his dialogue.

“I’m getting a lot of vitriol from both sides about this thread, and I want to make it clear that I’m doing my best to report events as best I can. I’ve made it clear that this thread is intended to extract information, the fact that many people are still “assuming my intentions are” stupid. “

Fils-Aime has released a new book by HarperCollins, Disruption of the game: From the Bronx to the top of Nintendoo

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