The ‘pregnant man’ in Calvin Klein’s ad has sparked international controversy

Following modern realities, brands around the world go for the most unusual projects. However, not all buyers are prepared for the unexpected change, especially when it comes to the most daring decision. So, on Mother’s Day, Calvin Klein A new ad has been released, starring Roberto Bette and his wife Eric Fernandez. But viewers viewed the couple negatively because Roberto is a pregnant trans man and his wife Eric is a trans woman.

“We can reproduce biologically or from the heart … our destiny is love and affection,” reads the company’s slogan.

Unfortunately, the groundbreaking statement was hailed only with the angry hashtag #BoycottCalvinKlein, because, according to viewers, only a biological woman can properly be considered a mother. For the cult company representatives themselves, they were not able to observe the battles in the comments section for long. SMM experts have deleted all angry messages.

One user criticized Transphobic users and promoters for “celebrating family diversity on Mother’s Day.” The tweet read, “This is not a new idea, nor is it a biased response.” The man added, “It is tragic that reactionary conservatives have not advanced in the last 50+ years since the launch of the famous ‘Pregnant Men’ ad promoting Sachi and Sachchi contraception.”

“We embrace this platform as an inclusive and respectful environment for self-expression. Any hate speech will be deleted, and any account posting hate speech will be banned. We look forward to continuing the positive dialogue,” the company said.

Anyway, Roberto and Eric are happy, especially since the long awaited baby Noah is already born. True, the wife cannot feed the child as she has fulfilled her main dream and removed the mammalian glands.

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