‘The Simpsons’ Season Finals Rip Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Facebook – Deadline

Just days after Fox created a portfolio pitch for advertisers with its upfront showcasing Fox Show SimpsonsAnd Fox News in the same breath, Matt Groning & Co.

The closing of the season on Sunday night Simpsons Fox News and Facebook have been called upon to spread misinformation, intimidation and affection for dictators.

At one point, a character like Tucker Carlson was shown saying, “Putin for the next president on Fox News.”

Elsewhere, the song says, “Facebook feeds our fears. They tell us that things were great when the gas was cheap and the men were white.

There’s also an eight-minute song and dance where a musically-talented doorman – voiced by Hi Jackman – helps Burt bring down the American middle class.

“I’m saying you definitely won’t get a job like your dad, and you’ll have a hard time finding anything significantly worse,” the character sang.

He joined Clinton-era U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich – playing himself – who wrote, “The collapse of the union, widespread corporate greed, Wall Street malpractice, and the rise of short-sighted politics have all contributed to economic inequality, widespread unemployment, and wage stagnation.” , And the low standard of living of millions of Americans. “

Rich tweeted a preview of the beat last week.

Simpsons Writer Tim Long tweeted that the producers recorded “eRealHughJackman and @RBReich last November. Jackman had a dream, taken after taking. At one point, he declared,” I love to sing! “And it shows!

He added that the inspiration for the segment was a part of the Atlantic last year with the headline, “The Life in ‘The Simpsons’ is no longer available.” That story details how the 1990s lifestyle of America’s favorite dysfunctional animated family is now “an almost dreamy safe existence.”

There are other Fox developers who are talking about network connections with Fox News, in particular Family members Impressorio Seth McFarlane, who has said on social media that he is ashamed to work for a network that is part of the same company as Fox News. In fact, he posted last week about Carlson, the recent Buffalo shooting, and the so-called “great replacement theory.”

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