The Super Literary Agent for Top Writers was 91 – Deadline

Morton “Mort” Janclo, a so-called “super agent” whose literary stars included Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Daniel Steele, Judith Krantz, Sidney Sheldon, Ted Turner and Barbara Walters, died of a heart attack on Wednesday. Home of the Water Mill in New York. He was 91 years old and passed away just days before his 92nd birthday.

Preacher Paul Bogards announced his death on behalf of Janklo’s family and his literary organization, Janklo & Nesbit Associates.

Janklo has made some of the highest advances in the publishing history of his writers, topping several million dollars from tight-fisted houses. He began his career as an attorney, moving to a new role as a literary agent in 1972 when old friend and client William Sapphire asked him to handle a book deal about Richard Nixon.

The book’s idea was derailed by the Nixon Watergate scandal and subsequent collapse, but Janklow broke the precedent and was able to hold on to one-third of the $ 250,000 advance. Eventually, the book will appear as Doubleday Before the fall.

Jankello has inspired publishing and is credited with awakening the sleeping trade with innovative ideas in marketing, subsidiary rights and contract law.

Johnny Evans, executive of Simon & Schuster, told New York Magazine in 1987, “Mort publishing has brought people into the space age.”

Janklow merged with Nesbit in 1988 to create an agency that was considered an ambitious target for many of the business’s leading and most well-known authors.

Born in New York City in 1930, Janklow attended Syracuse University and later Columbia Law School. After seven years working at a law firm, he formed his own, Janklow & Traum. Among his clients was Sapphire, a former Syracuse student himself.

Janklow has served on numerous advisory boards, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Public Library, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. He was a member of the Foreign Relations Council for more than four decades.

He is survived by his wife, Linda Leroy Janclo, and three children.

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