The winners of the Cannes Film Festival have been announced – live – deadlines

Refresh for last …: The 75th Cannes Film Festival concludes tonight as major awards, including the Palme d’Or, will be handed out soon. Scroll down for a list of winners that are being updated as the prizes are announced.

This version of the fest was to return to normal after two years of destruction by the Covid event – it was canceled in 2020 and moved to July 2021.

There were 21 films in the competition this year, including high-profile Helmer like David Cronenberg (Crimes of the future) And James Gray (Armageddon time) As well as Hirokazu Core-Ada ()Broker) Who took the palm with 2018 Shopkeeper. Everyone was well received.

Lightning is probably the highest for gangs tonight with headlines like Lucas Dhont OffPark Chan-Uks The decision to leaveWith the Darden brothers, the previous two Palme winners Tori and Lokita And Ruben Austlunds, winner of the 2017 Palm The triangle of sorrow.

When The triangle of sorrow Somewhat split, and Valeria Bruni Tedeschir Forever young Originally thrilling, in general, competitive films have found fans over the past two weeks floating on the red carpet of sunlit stars.

Out-of-competition premieres, including Buzz Luhrmann, are not eligible for prizes this evening Elvis And Tom Cruise-starrer Top gun: Maverick; A fireworks display followed and a French fighter jet flew over the palace – the film is currently flying at the worldwide box office.

This year’s Cannes jury, led by French actor Vincent Lyndon, is supported by Rebecca Hall, Deepika Padukone, Numi Repes, Jasmine Trinka, Asghar Farhadi, Lady Lai, Jeff Nichols and Joachim Trier. Let’s hope no one pulls the spike leak and announces the winner of the Palme d’Or early on like last year.

Annually, the results here are unpredictable, and the London jury could go either way. We’ll find out more in a moment, so check back as we update the winners below:

Short film Palme d’Or
The humming of the waterDirector: Jianning Chen

Previously announced
Golden Eye Awards

The best documentary
All that breadsDirector: Shaunak Sen.

Special Jury Prize
Mariupolis 2Director: Mantas Cavadervicius

Universal jury award
Brokerdir: Hirokazu Kore-eda

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